Thursday, July 30, 2009

When Pigs Fly...

I dream of being able to be at home to clean and decorate. I've been wanting very much to work with my hands more. My mind is full of sewing projects that I'd love to be working on. A few days ago I found some cute flannel at a Walmart that still had a fabric department and had to buy some. Who knows when I'll have time to use it, but the pieces were so cute and less than $3 a yard!
I just love this "piggy-pattern"!

I want to make a light, double-sided crib blanket/ recieving blanket with these two. I plan on embroidering "Coakley" (our last name) on the pink plaid side and binding the edges in pink satin.

I'm not sure yet what my plan will be for these. So many ideas, so little time! One has pink butterflies and pink ribbons for breast cancer. My cousin just had a bi-lateral masectomy only two months after the birth of her first child- a beautiful little girl! Pretty sure I'll come up with an appropriate project.

I found this pencil case for $1.50. Isn't it cute? Paul tore his belt loop the other day and I hadn't brought any sewing supplies with us this trip, so I picked up a little kit to get the job done and tucked it in the case. Perfect!

I'm sure I'll get around to all my sewing projects eventually- hopefully before pigs fly!

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