Monday, July 27, 2009

29 Years- I've Earned 'Em!

Today I turned 29. There are so many wonderful memories to look back on and events to look forward to. I've had to work hard to earn those 29 years. I've lived 29 years loving my God, my family and my friends. I lost loved ones, I've rejoiced at new lives, I've been touched by so many and, God willing, I've touched the lives of many. I've been stupid, stubborn and sinful. I've also used the gifts God has given me, been joyful and been filled with love and happiness. I've had dreams come true and I look forward to seeing my present dreams come true.

One of my best friend's celebrated her birthday last Monday by going to Mass and confession and then visiting people in a retirement home. I think this is just one of the most beautiful ways of celebrating life! She shared herself with others and spent quiet time with our Lord. She was telling me how a friend of hers had spent her birthday by serving others. What a beautiful, beautiful thing!

Paul and I spent the day in the truck, but it was wonderful just being able to spend time with eachother. He bought me a beautiful rose arrangement and let me pick out a very crazy and fun birthday cake. Cherries were a dollar a pounds so hubby bought two big bags and spent half the day lying in the bed (I have HORRIBLE sunburn on my legs!), eating cherries and watching season 2 of Gilmore Girls.

Sunday was the feast of my patron saint, Saint Anne. St. Anne is my role model. The patron of Grandmothers, Mothers and Housewives. I hope to live up to the honor of being named after such a wonderful saint. She already helped me find my man, now we're working on the mom part : )

Thank you, Lord, for my wonderful life!

A diplomat is a man who always remembers a woman's birthday but never remembers her age. - Robert Frost

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The Krazy Girl said...

What a neat blog! You must have so many fun adventures:)

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