Thursday, October 29, 2009

My St. Joseph the Carpenter

I have finally rejoined the cyber world! I spent most of the month of October off the road and off the internet. It was a nice retreat from both, but I was unable to be with my hubby for most of October- sooo sad! We did enjoy a busy week at home together though.

We had a hole in our foyer that caused my foot to go into the basement one day when I got home from grocery shopping! I tottered with arms laden with groceries, but manage to escape without a broken ankle. Hubby decided something had to be done. He bought himself a few new toys, ahem- I mean tools and got the job done.

I find nothing more attractive than my husband doing manly manual labor around the house! He's like my personal St. Joseph, putting a roof over my head and protecting me from broken ankles! Men have such a beautiful and holy calling. I love seeing a man embracing all that is good and masculine.

I was distracting Paul from his work ( he was feeling a little camera shy), so I decided to take my non-electric vintage lawn mower for a SPIN, literally! I just love anything non-electric, "green-friendly" and old fashioned! It worked much better than I thought it would even without having the blades sharpened and oiled. It was a great work out and a lot of fun, but I think it would get old fast if I had to do my whole yard that way on a regular basis. My Dad said that he never found it "fun" when he was growing up using a similar one! Either way, I like it!

Paul did a beautiful job on the floor and we bought fabulous pine looking flooring that will make the room look so much warmer. We ran out of time to install it, but hopefully we can get the family to pitch in at New Years and get it done in a few hours. Then I will post some pictures of the finished project.

Hope everyone has a wonderful All Saints Day! God bless!
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