Thursday, February 11, 2010

Ice, Ice Baby!

Paul and I have spent one full day at home since New Year. We had to go home on Feb. 1st (just for the day) so that I could have some dental work done. I've never had a cavity, but knocked out a tooth ocean kayaking! There's luck for ya- yuck!
We got home just in time to see our farm frosted in ice and snow. It was truly breath taking. I am really controlling myself by only posting a few pictures- okay, I would have posted more (and some of the best!) pictures, but we are in the Mojave Desert and my internet connection is flaky. Hope you enjoy these pics of Paul and my beautiful home.

Fence ties and in the background is our milking shed. Paul didn't think anyone would know what this was a picture of :)

The meadow in our woods. This is were my brother and SIL sold Christmas trees during Advent, hence the little fenced in spruce. Picnic table and firepit are in the background.

Paul, once again testing how waterproof his new shoes are by standing in the icy cold spring.

Following the trail over the new cedar bridge covered in icicles.

The old stone wall along the Arrowhead Field that really is filled with arrows!

Now I will "leave" you be (sorry- I can't help myself!) to enjoy your own winter wonderland if you're on the east coast or, like my BIL, if you are experiencing the 5" that came down in Dallas today!!! Be in awe of God's creation and pray that you don't run out of good reading materials, candles and hot soup!

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I listen to the news each day and hear how much money the US owes China and nearly have a panic attack! Fox News had a guest on yesterday reminding Americans to try not to buy items made in China- I have tried off and on to do this and feel very strongly about it, but it can be REALLY difficult! Work at Home Moms and people with etsy shops are such a great way to buy items that are at least helping families here who are really struggling and trying to create something truly meaningful.

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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The 1st Anniversary of His 29th Birthday!

My dear, sweet husband has been outside of the womb for 30 years today! We have been teasing each other about our turning 30 this year and Paul has now begun stating that I will be the old one, he is only celebrating the first anniversary of his 29th birthday! Hmmm...

I am so blessed to know and love this man! I could not imagine God having created someone so perfect for me before I met him, but than I met him and was, once again, shown how great and loving God there is. I have been given a husband who is far more perfect than I deserve- all I can do is be eternally grateful!

In honor of this blessed day of my husband birth, I would like to share 30 reasons why I love him.

1. He has eyes that see me the way God sees me and not the way I see myself.

2. He is handsome with a beautiful smile.

3. He loves me and God (not necessarily in that order!).

4. He is an adventurer to the core who loves to travel and experience the wonders of God's creation.

5. He is a gentleman. A man who knows and understands what it means to truly be a man.
6. His dream house is a treehouse (think Swiss Family Robinson)!

7. He keeps me calm when I'm flipping out, but causes me to worry about his neck when he flips out!

8. He's the ONLY person allowed to call me "Bubba" and get away with it!!!!!
9. If he could only eat 3 things for the rest of his life it would be cheese, tuna and flour tortillas.

10. He is a wonderful Godfather and will be an incredible father.
11. He is passionate about teaching kids through camp ministry.
12. He could spend all day flying remote control airplanes and helicopters.
13. He has crazy red curls! I fell in love with him before I ever saw him clean shaven and with out a fro- thats saying something! ;)
14. In college he wore parachute pants!!!! And drove a crazy lifted pickup truck.
15. He is a Brother of the Eternal Song to the core. He loves Our Lady and his Brothers.
16. He won the National Iron Kids Triathalon as a teen.
17. He is willing to try almost anything crazy and adventurous.
18. He owns his own hang glider and was once almost decapitated by a jet ski.
19. He loves training our dogs, horses and pet squirrels. He is a regular Dr. Dolittle.
20. He can consume more candy than anyone I know and he never gains a pound!!!
21. Kids love him! My 9 year old cousin refers to Paul as his best friend. Our neighbors little boy once knocked on our door and asked my dad if Paul could come out and play! :D
22. He inspires and encourages everyone who knows him.
23. He is the silliest person I know!
24. He is adorable when he sings Garth Brooks off key!
25. I love how much he enjoys playing sports, but doesn't need to sit around watching the on tv.
26. He took ballet lessons (and wasn't very good!)!!!!!
27. I love that, though he is cute, he doesn't look good in a dress (see below).

28. As they say in the song, "I love the way he loves me"!
29. I love that he sacraficed by giving up the job he loved, changed careers and left his hometown to move across the country, live in a truck and be with me.
30. I love that he chose me to be his wife!!!!

Thank you, Lord, for blessing me with a husband who is so good and loves me so much! Help us to be a blessing to each other.
Happy, happy birthday, baby!!!!!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Listen to EWTN right Now!

My mom and Aunt are being interviewed on EWTN Radio right now on Barbara McGuigan's program "The Good Fight"! The program is on from 2 to 4pm today. Tune in on Sirius or any way you can!!!

God bless!!!!

Friday, February 5, 2010

I AM Pro-Choice!

YES, I am for any legitimate Choice.

The choice to go to school where I want, to live where I choose, to work in a field that I care about.
As a woman, I am for the choice to get married (and not be forced into a marriage), to have and raise our children with love and, if God put me in the situation, give my child/children up for adoption if I could not care for them in the way they need to be cared for.

There are lots of wonderful choices. There are lots of difficult ones.

I do not have the RIGHT to kill my neighbor, my enemy or my child!

If I believed that I did I would be Pro-Murder and Pro-Abortion.

I am tired of hearing Christians using the term Pro-Choice when they are really speaking about Pro-Abortion. Abortion is not something that can be made "prettier" by terming it in more civilized verbiage. When we use the term Pro-Choice in place of Pro-Abortion we are implying that there IS a legitimate choice to be made in regards to a whether a person is allowed to live or die.

I am sorry, but with all the media hype swirling around about the Tim Tebow ad, I have been seeing and hearing people using the term Pro-Choice incorrectly and, after more than a week of this, I feel like pulling my hair out in frustration!!!

We apologize for this interruption. We will now return to our regularly scheduled broadcast.
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