Saturday, September 8, 2012

Starry, Starry Night

Last night Paul had the first evening free in ages, so when he made it home from work shortly before dark, we loaded the kids on the bikes and went mountain biking around camp. Dusk was settling over camp, so we could hardly see the trails, but I think the boys enjoyed the ride all the more because of it.

We rode out to the marsh, or should I say "the area formerly known as the marsh" (oh Prince!). What two years ago years ago was a floating dock in the frog and minnow laden area is now firmly planted on solid ground. Between the drought and the masses of alder bushes that have taken root, nature is once again cycling through and creating a new eco system.

It was cold and dark by the time we made it home. We loaded the kids in their carseats and went for a drive down the "strip". All of the tourist traps slow down after Labor Day, so the traffic was free and clear and the kids thought it was Christmas with the swirling lights at all of the waterparks and resturants.

We snagged a pumpkin latte and a carmel apple spice and headed out to a large field at the state park across the street from home. We put down the tailgate and pointed out constellations to the boys. I even caught the last moments of a star falling from the sky. Eventually, we pulled a picnic blanket out of the car and spread it out below the expansive Milky Way. The boys were sandwiched between Paul and I, giggling and begging us not to sing "Twinkle, Twinkle Light Star".

Lying there, looking up at the infinite cosmos, I had a moment of recognition- I am blessed beyond words to have the most amazing God who has given me so much more than I deserve in my husband and sons. Those three are worth more to me than all the stars in this galaxy and I thank God for His infinite love and for my little family.

Thank you Lord for a perfect start to autumn! Bring on the blessings!
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