Thursday, February 11, 2010

Win, Win, Win!!!

Win wonderful things!!!
Like This:

And this:

And This:

Colleen over at is holding her first giveaway and is offering some of the cutest and sweetest stuff around! Please go check out her blog and the links to the etsy shops whose items are being given away. The woman who makes the aprons (ADORABLE, right?) just lost her husband and is having a sale.

I listen to the news each day and hear how much money the US owes China and nearly have a panic attack! Fox News had a guest on yesterday reminding Americans to try not to buy items made in China- I have tried off and on to do this and feel very strongly about it, but it can be REALLY difficult! Work at Home Moms and people with etsy shops are such a great way to buy items that are at least helping families here who are really struggling and trying to create something truly meaningful.

Please, check out this giveaway! You may get lucky :)


Colleen said...

Thanks Annie! Good luck :)

That Married Couple said...

Thanks for cluing us in to the giveaway! We're also trying to buy more American-made products, preferably by individuals, so places like Etsy really are the way to go!

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