Thursday, February 11, 2010

Ice, Ice Baby!

Paul and I have spent one full day at home since New Year. We had to go home on Feb. 1st (just for the day) so that I could have some dental work done. I've never had a cavity, but knocked out a tooth ocean kayaking! There's luck for ya- yuck!
We got home just in time to see our farm frosted in ice and snow. It was truly breath taking. I am really controlling myself by only posting a few pictures- okay, I would have posted more (and some of the best!) pictures, but we are in the Mojave Desert and my internet connection is flaky. Hope you enjoy these pics of Paul and my beautiful home.

Fence ties and in the background is our milking shed. Paul didn't think anyone would know what this was a picture of :)

The meadow in our woods. This is were my brother and SIL sold Christmas trees during Advent, hence the little fenced in spruce. Picnic table and firepit are in the background.

Paul, once again testing how waterproof his new shoes are by standing in the icy cold spring.

Following the trail over the new cedar bridge covered in icicles.

The old stone wall along the Arrowhead Field that really is filled with arrows!

Now I will "leave" you be (sorry- I can't help myself!) to enjoy your own winter wonderland if you're on the east coast or, like my BIL, if you are experiencing the 5" that came down in Dallas today!!! Be in awe of God's creation and pray that you don't run out of good reading materials, candles and hot soup!


Maurisa said...


You won the free L'Angelus cd, offered on my blog (halfadozenproductions). If you'd like me to send it to you. Email me at: mamamayerle at mac dot com.


b said...

where are you guys? i hope all is well!

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