Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Rogers, Arkansas

Paul and I spent Saturday exploring Rogers, AR, a very quaint little town. At the farmers market by the train station, an ancient cowboy sold us peaches out of the back of his pick up truck. We wandered down streets painted with drawings by locals. I snapped pictures of butterflies in the town park while Paul found geocaches.

My dear husband, who is not a museum fan, took me to a fun little "hands-on" museum. And he even enjoyed it! He then made the ultimate sacrafice and went with me on a tour of an old victorian era home. He did warn me not to get too used to this. Luckily, I know he's a sucker for making me happy.

We enjoyed lunch at Las Palmas. Best. White. Cheese. Sauce. EVER! Cold beers. Las Palmas was decorated with a beautiful cross and a huge carved friar. Our friend, the Friar, allowed for a perfect photo op since Paul felt similiar to how our Friar looked!

We found a B.B. gun museum and a Vespa store before driving out to Beaver Lake for a weekend of camping.

Life is Good.

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