Saturday, July 11, 2009

Water Babies

Our family came together during the last week of June and the first week of July for a family reunion at Paul and my house. The first day that family members arrived it was so hot and humid that we drove to the local river were there is a rope swing. We put in the canoe and floated on tubes as others swung themselves out over the river on the rope. We had a marvelous time.

The only sad event of the day was when my camera "drowned". With out thinking, I had left it in the canoe. My brother decided a little game of tip-a-canoe might be fun and he rolled the canoe and the girls in it into the river. None of us realized my camera was in there until someone noticed it bobbing along.

We tried to let it thoroughly dry before turning it on, but it was to late. It had already met its untimely fate.

My dear husband had already begun looking into cameras and had found that Fuji makes a nice little waterproof camera that is very affordable. After we bought two waterproof disposable cameras for our kayaking trips that week, we decided to go ahead and buy the Fuji.

We took it with us in the pool yesterday and had so much fun!!! We took videos underwater of eachother swimming and doing flips. Its my new favorite toy!!! Anyone who knows me knows that I can't live without a camera. I AM a shutterbug! I admit it. Now I can combine photography with my other favorite activities- swimming and kayaking! GREATEST. THING. EVER! : )

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