Thursday, January 28, 2010

Heart Melting

Husband bought waterproof shoes at Cabellas this week and decided he had to "test" them. He hopped in every puddle he could find on our way to and from mass. Cute, huh?

This morning we are driving through Ohio.

The sun is brightly shining as snow swirls around our truck.

It reminds me of living in Austria.

We are listening to music from the 90's on Sirius.

Both of us sing out loud and slightly off-key.

I am happy to be here in this moment.

I asked Paul if we could listen to music this morning intsead of listening to everyone pick apart the State of the Union Address and I also explained the commitments to loveliness I made for this week. He listened and then gave me a slick grin saying, "You are lovely and I made a commitment to you."

Ahhh...melt my heart!


Katie said...

That is so sweet!

Did you or your hubby go to Steubenville? I noticed the Brothers of the Eternal Song photo on your sidebar and that is one of the men's households there.

Thanks for the comment on my blog!

Colleen said...

Hi! I just found your blog through the comment you left on Katie's blog. My hubby and I also went to Steubie. Phil (my hubby) was in POP (the Brothers rival, I think!!). I recognize Paul, but I can't remember if we went to Austria at the same time. We went in Spring 2000. I love finding FUS Alumni blogs :)

Katie said...

I got my MA in CSL at Steubenville. I was the RD of Trinity hall from 1999-2001. My husband, Peter, was there forever . . . he was the RD of Francis and left in 2000.

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