Thursday, January 7, 2010

Lets start at the very beginning...

Last night I unintentionally left my shoes by the heater vent. When I slipped my feet into them this morning I made a comand decision- I will ALWAYS leave my shoes by the heater!!! My feet were so happy!!!

You know how you enjoy a warm bath towel, but it becomes cool very quickly? Not the case with my shoes! There was a brisk and icy chill in the air when I went into Pilot at 6am this morning, but that didn't stop me from feeling like I was enjoy a soothing warm footbath. Aaahhh!!! Happy, happy feet!!!

I return to the truck and opened a box of Mango Peach White Tea in those adorable pyramid tea bags. One whiff and I was dreaming of spring on the French Riviera. The first time I ever had peach mango tea was while I was enjoying spring break with three amazing women. I miss those girls and the giggling conversations we enjoyed while trudging around France with backpacks that we could have fit into!

I sipped tea and watched the sky turn from darkness into dazzling shades of salmon, lilac and sherbert. Dreamy Sigh!

I love days that start off well and leave you with a sense of peace. When you are relaxed enough to praise God with out falling asleep or having to worry about what you need to do during the day. Thank you, Jesus!


Merry said...

Annie, you are a nut! This is awesome! You are a really truly actual blogger. I'm going backwards in reading, but this is wonderful because I think I will be able to happily pass the day at this.

Merry said...

P.S. This is Mary Lademan your cousin btw. (Cool. Did you like my use of textile? Or should I say textese? Reminder to self: Must look up proper terminology.)

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