Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Thanksgiving and Christmas have come early!

When I returned to the blogsphere last week I discovered that I had won a free Shutterfly book while visiting a few weeks earlier! I can't tell you how excited I was about this!!! I have wanted to try making a photobook, but honestly, I didn't want to bring up the idea to my hardworking hubby who has been so good about budgeting and saving. We have managed to pay off both of our student loans and credit cards in just over a year. Hubby doesn't have the same love of photographs that I do. He is always happy to make me happy, but as I said, I just hated to ask. Winning this book was a great excuse to get me started and Paul was very encouraging.

Creating my free photobook was so much fun! I was big into scrapbooking as a teen and even up until a few years ago. Sadly, I have less and less time each year to scrapbook and have started joking that I'm really just a scrapbook supply collector at this point! Living in the truck makes it impossible for me to scrapbook. I've been wanting to put our wedding and honeymoon pictures in to a beautiful book to show off and yet have not had a chance during the past year and a half to do so.

I made my free photobook using the pictures from my husband's bachelor party and all his pictures with his groomsmen. Its beautiful! I got so excited about having wedding pictures in a fabulous personalized book that I made more! Shutterfly has a 50% off sale on 7x9 photobooks that ends today (that's $8 for a 20 page book!) and for orders over $30 they have free shipping today. I made 6 books- 5 albums are of honeymoon pictures! I was so excited that this is all I've done for the past few days. It was easy, fun and so much cleaner than scrapbooking. And I made 6 books for a grand total of 43.50! Which is pretty cheap compared to the all the scrapbooking supplies I used to buy to create a book. Plus, I made all 6 books while riding in the truck. It honestly felt like Christmas and Thanksgiving to me.

I can't wait to get home and find my books waitingin the mail for me! Thank you Heavenly Homemakers for giving me a new creative outlet while riding in this Big Rig! I am incredibly grateful to you!

Hope you all find a fun new creative outlet this week. God bless you all!

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