Monday, November 16, 2009

Better Late than Never

We were invited to celebrate Halloween with dear friends!

Place: Canton, Michigan
Time: October 31, 2009
Theme: Yard Art!

Our friends were going as a nativity scene, so hubby dressed as a shepard. I was a Holly Hobby yard cut out. There were two pink flamingoes, a hitching boy, St. Francis statue, bird bath, election sign and my personal favorite, a gnome!

Most. Fun. Theme. EVER!

Best Part: Seeing my hubby looking like this:

Favorite Men of the Weekend (besides my ever lovin' hubby!): Aaron- I have never drank sooo many mimosas in my ENTIRE life! Thank you for the bubbly! Mike- Thank you for letting me carve the big pumpkin and allowing me to try crazy spices on the pumpkin seeds! Just for the record, your pumpkin was way cuter than mine, but I blame Mary and Kell for encouraging me to have all the mimosa that my little heart desired (hence my pumpkin's lopsided grin ;D).

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