Saturday, September 12, 2009

Fashion Thoughts from a Not-So Fashionable Me

I am sooo not a fashion guru, but I have noticed that the '80's seem to be back. Something I never thought would happen! It is not a trend that I ever wanted to see again. I lived through it once and once was enough!

That said, I will say that I have had a recent interest in clothing trends. Like most women, I enjoy dressing nicely. It is a way of showing my husband that I love him enough not to wear my comfy sweat pants and dress in something a little more feminine. Luckily, my husband thinks sweats are cute and loves me dressed casually. Living in a truck makes casual dress an absolute necessity. Somedays I need to dress up for my own mental well being. I love summer dresses and cute modest clothes that I kind find for a steal.

My favorite places to shop for clothes are the Goodwill, TJ Maxx and Marshalls. A few days ago, while Paul and I were waiting for a load in Laredo TX, I did a little shopping and found 3 cute dresses for fall at Marshalls for $11.00!

My favorite dress is a fitted little blue plaid dress. Its strapless so my next mission is to find a cute little black sweater to top it. I have a great pair of tall black leather boots. I am so anxious to go home and get boots so I can wear this outfit.


Due to my excitement about my new dresses, I noticed some of the trends at the mall Paul and I wandered around later that afternoon (still waiting for a load assignment!). What I was seeing was that plaids seem to be very in right now. They always are in the fall, but there were a lot more bright plaids as well as very cute country girl-meets lumber jack styles (little girl blouse meets big red plaid) . Also, due to the alarming 80's trend, leg warmers are back. I used to like leg warmers...I guess I still do! Not the Jane Fonda look, but cute chunky knits and funky stripes. I like fun styles that aren't too overboard.

I also discovered a website that has a pattern for knitting your own legwarmers. I haven't done any knitting in years (since I discovered crocheting), but this seems like a fun project for me to undertake while riding in the truck. Check it out:

When I bought my dresses I was thinking how cute they'd be for fall, but it was so hot in Laredo that Fall still seemed far off. We finally recieved a load assignment from our company. We were headed to Tennessee and from there to Denver. Yeah Colorado! We were still driving through Kansas when I noticed how much cooler it was getting with each mile we drove. We are about an hour and a half outside of Denver. The sky is gray and the air is crisp. I am so excited that fall is on its way! I love this weather. I've been snacking on crisp Gala apples dipped in caramel and sipping hot cider.

Enjoy the weather where ever you are and take the time to appreciate the changes in the air (and your wardobe!).

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Suzanne said...

How funny, I am knitting leg warmers for my youngest daughter:-) I was an 80's girl, as long as the big hair doesn't make a return I will be okay..LOL!

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