Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Playing Catch Up!

I'm back! I have been so busy chasing Lil' Man, being preggo and being exhausted ALL. THE. TIME that I just haven't had the time or energy to blog. I promised myself I wasn't going to bed to night (not that baby or heartburn would let me anyway!) until I posted something! ANYTHING!

So, what has happened since back in December???

1. We celebrated the feasts of St. Nicholas, Our Lady of Guadalupe and Juan Diego during Advent.

 Package from Grandma and Gramps for the feast of St. Nick!

Note the ziplock bag. It contains my husband's favorite warm beverage-
Russian Tea!
  • 1 cup instant tea powder
  • 2 cups orange-flavored drink mix (Tang)
  • 1 (3 ounce) package powdered lemonade mix
  •   1cup (we often use less) white sugar
  • 2 teaspoons ground cinnamon
  • 1/2 teaspoon ground cloves
  1. In a large bowl, combine instant tea powder, orange drink mix, lemonade powder, sugar, cinnamon and cloves. Mix thoroughly. Store in a sealed jar or bag.
  2. To use, mix 3 to 4 tablespoons of mix with 1 cup hot water. 

Setting up the Creche.

Mary and Joseph really traveled to Bethlehem on a Tonka truck!

Sombrero cookies for the feasts of OL of Guadalupe and Juan Diego.
I stole the idea from Catholic Icing

2. Our dogs had puppies!

Lil' Man claimed the runt who we now call Zoe because she is a girl and hence could not be called Elmo!

3. We got our first real glimpse of our little angel!!!!

 Smiling, happy baby!

4. We visited one of my best friends who is due this week!

5. We had a wonderful Christmas with my family (and I ended up sick for the next 3 weeks-ugh!).

It was extra special because my brother-in-law drove up from Texas to Tennessee and he was there just in time to celebrate a white Christmas with us!

BIL and Lil' Man blowing out the candles on Baby Jesus' birthday cake!

My favorite 2010 Christmas memory: We told Lil' Man that Christmas was Jesus Birthday and that on that day we would be celebrating because He had been born for us. Since we were staying at my parents, Lil Man was sleeping in the pack n play by our bed. Early Christmas morning, while we were still half asleep, we heard Lil' Man stir. A moment later he popped straight up grasping the side of the pack n play and shouted at us, "JESUS BE BORN!!!!" It was the most excited, perfect and innocent way to announce the good news of the day! 

The innocents of children at Christmas truly makes Christmas. This was Paul and my first Christmas since we had gotten married where we hadn't spent Christmas in our truck making deliveries. It was perfect, but not because we were out of the truck, but because we had Lil' Man to share it with us!


Meagan said...

Ok, Mary and Joseph traveling via Tonka has got to be one of the most adorable things ever! I just love it when children play with religious this like they are better than superman or buzz lightyear!

Paul and Annie said...

Isn't it??? :) Excited about your new blog and praying for you as you prepare for marriage!!!

Sarah said...

Li'l Man is so stinkin' adorable!

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