Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Little Hands, Little Fingers

Last night I could not sleep, so I decided to take advantage of the peace and quiet.

I have been pregnant ever since we moved to camp and have moved through phases of morning sickness, indigestion, achiness, heartburn and dizzy spells. It's been well worth it, but I have yet to make our little apartment "homey". I keep wanting to paint and fix up Lil' Man's nursery, but I really can't with the cold weather and my current intolerance of paint. I decided I needed some wall art to brighten things up.

I went by the store and picked up 3 cheap canvases and three tubes of that cheap acrylic paint that almost every where seems to carry. I bought a bottle each of chocolate, aqua and pink.

Step 1: Paint a base coat on each canvas, allow to dry and then apply a second coat.

Note the beautiful roses my incredibly sweet husband gave me for St. Valentine's Day.
Ignore the Christmas tablecloth that I have yet to pack away with the Christmas tree that went back into storage LAST WEEK! Yes, I like Christmas to literally last the whole year 'round!

Step 2: After everything has dried completely, I took an assortment of cups and baby bottles and applied paint to the rims to use them as circular stamps.

Step 3: After the circles had dried, I painted my hand and stamped it on the middle of the canvas and repeated the process this morning with Paul and Lil' Man just after breakfast.

Aren't my boys adorable??? 

Step 4: Step back and enjoy getting something other than laundry done! :)

Our plan is to do one for each of our children and create a line of them in the nursery. Cute, huh?
 Have any cute and frugal ways of decorating a nursery/kids room that you could share? We'd love any inspirations. I'm also trying to come up with cute ideas for homemade baby stuff (I'll be posting a few projects that my family has helped me with). Any and all ideas are welcome and appreciated!


letlovebesincere said...

I hear you on looking for cheap ideas. Since Dave Ramsey changed our lives, we have been really tight on money. Instead of buying a dresser, we are using an old book shelve with baskets (really cheap if you get them on sale). It looks cute and should be cheap. Very excited to have the nursery done, hopefully it will occur before the birth. I LOVE the canvas and handprint cool:)

Katie said...

Those are so cute!

Katie said...

After reading the above comment, I have another recommendation . . . frecycle. It has totally helped up get items without any cost.

Colleen said...

Wow, so so so so adorable! We have handprints of each of our children up on the wall in our office. Actually Maggie's is just a footprint because her little hand wouldn't "uncurl" enough to look good. These are such treasures to me.

We decorate a LOT using photographs. I buy cheap frames and mats and take nice photos, blow them up, and voila! much cheaper than buying art, and much more personal!

I know this is impossible, but how can Little Man actually look like an offspring of yours??? He is so handsome!

Paul and Annie said...

Thanks for the comment love, ladies! :)
Mary, I love the look of your nursery- its so chic! And I am SO happy you all <3 Dave Ramsey!

Katie, I totally need to start checking freecycle! We bought all our crib bedding from a woman off craigslist, but I hadn't thought of freecycle. Thanks!

Colleen, excellent ideas and I agree that Lil' Man looks like he came to us the same way as the Jelly Bean I'm carrying! He's one of the most beautiful babies ever! Keep us in your prayers because it is looking as though he may not be with us much longer and its breaking my heart!

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