Saturday, May 8, 2010

Le Petit Dejeuner a la Truck!

Even truckers need to start the day off right with a good breakfast. Paul and I usually start our day off with a bowl of cereal and Classic Almond Breeze milk, a bowl of instant oatmeal, Eggo waffles or bagels and yogurt. 

When we have a little extra time in the morning we try to get creative by having pancakes- I buy small packets of Bisquick and and save single serving packets of syrup from Mickey D's to keep things simple and to save space.  Or we make fried egg sandwiches. YUM!

This is another one of those meals that can get messy in a truck, but is sooo worth it!

We toast onion bagels or english muffins and butter them lightly before adding a little Miracle Whip (we did a taste test and decided that, between Mayo & Miracle Whip, the "Zip" gave just the right kick!).

Fry up a couple of eggs and add a few slices of cheddar or sprinkle on the shredded stuff.

We keep a package of precooked, microwavable bacon around just for this meal and for tomato avocado sandwiches that we enjoy at lunch time. Add some slices of the bacon and tomato to your egg sandwich with a little salt and pepper and enjoy a foretaste of the heavenly banquet, my friends!

Even Snoop-dog loves them!

Another favorite (and faster!) le petit dejeuner is vanilla chai and yogurt topped with granola and fresh berries. 

Until recently, we had a hot pot that plugged into the cigarette lighter and I could boil up water for tea while sitting in my seat. Sadly, the element went out so now I have to crawl in the back and use the microwave, but a cup of tea is always worth a little extra work and the risk of being splashed by hot water!

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