Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Another Starry Night

Last night we took the boys out to the Athletic Field for a little star gazing and flashlight tag.

After we'd spent a while stargazing Paul hid while we searched for him with flashlights. Damian turned on his flashlight and immediately pointed it directly in his own eyes. Lil' Man yelled out, "No, Damian! You're ruining your nightvision!" Smart kid, right?

After a few rounds, the boys decided Mommy & Daddy should hide while the boys looked for us. Seriously, it was awesome! I wasn't sure it was a good idea at first, but Lil' Man insisted.  The boys were so cute counting, fumbling to turn on their flashlights, holding eachother's hands and looking for us. They aren't afraid of the dark, which is great! Seeing their bobbing lights coming towards us was precious. Especially when Damian tripped and Lil' Man had to help him up. Once they saw us, they ran towards us, arms extended and giggling "Boo, we found you!".

After being out on the frosty ground in 42 degree cold the only option when we got home was to snuggle with hot cocoa, or as Damian says, "hot toe-toe".

This morning we woke to our first snowfall! The boys are listening to children's Christmas music as I type. All Lil' Man wants to do is to go outside and ski. We don't have that much snow yet, but it won't be long now. No skiing for us today, but we will vote. Big Day!

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