Friday, November 19, 2010

Your thoughts on family time...

Last night after dinner my husband and I took turns reading to Lil' Man and then, after his bath, he ran around in his pjs with so much stinkin' energy that I just wanted to plug myself in to him and share some of that same charge!

Paul and I were discussing how nice it is to have family reading time, but Lil' Man want the same 5 books read over and over and it does become slightly monotonous for Paul and I. We were trying to think of other activities we could do together as a family, but its hard because most of the games or ideas we had were just too difficult to get a two year old to go along with. We go hiking and to the park, but evening home are going to become more frequent the bigger I get and the colder Wisconsin becomes! I was thinking about some of the Montessori learning methods, but I am not yet an aficionado on said methods.

After we watched our crazy child "dance" (aka jumping, rolling, bouncing) to a toddler cd, Paul pulled out a remote control helicopter/spaceship thing and let Lil' Man chase that around trying to knock it out of the air. It was fun and cute and I managed to get some fun video footage of my boys playing together.

Soooo, does anyone have any thoughts on evening family activities with a two year old??? I will take any ideas!

In other news, we just discovered that BOTH of our dogs (both of whom my parents have been watching since we can't have them in our apartment) are pregnant!!!! Anyone want a puppy for Christmas (maybe Epiphany)??? Just figured that it couldn't hurt to ask!

Enjoy your Friday and have a wonderful weekend! We are looking forward to our town's Christmas parade on Saturday (who ever heard of a "Christmas" parade before thanksgiving?!?!). :-)


Katie said...

I cannot even remember what we used to do when it was just J and he was two! It sounds like you are doing a lot of great things. We usually read, play catch with a beach ball (so nothing gets broken!), or we put on a children's CD and do songs with movement. You could also try puzzles (like the big wood-block like puzzles). Have fun with the little man. You are doing a great job with him.

Paul and Annie said...

Thanks Katie! It's so funny just having one little one around! Kids are supposed to have siblings to play with (and sometimes puppies!):) It is always great when the cousins are all together. I just wish we all lived closer to each other!

b said...

Puzzles are great, and so are stories. What about just lying down together and telling stories? My kids love to just sit and listen to stories that we make up.

But remember, repetition gives kids a sense of security and comfort. So if it's reading 5 books before bed, then do it. Maybe go to the library and try to trade one you are really sick of for a new one to change it up a little, but within his comfort.

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