Monday, September 27, 2010

You, Me and Baby make...4?!?!

Colleen, you're good at this game! :) 

Paul took his dream job working as a program director for a Catholic camp that offers year-around retreats and outdoor education. We packed up and moved North. I arrived at Camp, exhausted, on Friday night. Sunday morning (August 1st) we realized that I was pregnant! A lot of joyful tears were spilled that day. 

God is so good! In June God gave us Lil' Man and in July He gave us a miracle baby. The day we discovered that I was pregnant was also the day our new insurance began and Paul's job was starting the next day! God provides so well! I was thrilled that my mom was with us, helping us move, so we were able to tell her minutes after we found out. She was such a blessing because she stayed a little longer than planned to help me with Lil' Man since I was exhausted.

Exhaustion quickly moved into the realm of non-stop morning sickness and I rapidly lost eight pounds because I was unable to keep anything down. It has been an interesting experience going from being a brand new mom of a two year old to being pregnant and having two little ones demanding from me in very different ways. Its good practice, but it is a unique situation.

Being so sick made me feel at first like I just had a never ending case of food poisoning. We went in for an ultrasound when I was just over 6 weeks and the baby was so tiny. It didn't truly hit me until we heard the baby's heart pounding 156 beats per minute that this really wasn't food poisoning it was my own sweet baby making his or her presence known. That was when I REALLY began to cry!  

Our little jellybean is at 12 weeks now and I go back to see the doctor tomorrow. My morning sickness has eased up, but it is by no means gone yet. I have been so sick and busy that I haven't had a chance to blog or email or do hardly anything else, but I have been wanting to. Hopefully, as I feel better I will be able to do more.

I have a lot to share about our new town, the new job and our current adventures. Being so sick leaves me stuck in the house most of the time and anything that reconnects me with adults is such a blessing!

It is great to reconnect with my friends in the blogging world. I missed you all! :)


Mary said...

Congratulations, Annie! I'm so very gosh darn happy for you! This is an answer to so much prayer, sacrifice, and love on your behalf. I've often thought and prayed for you since meeting you last Spring and love the contrast of March's Catholic wife and saleswoman to a September Annie as mother of a two year old and tiny life inside the womb.

The prayers will be coming for a safe and healthy pregnancy and delivery in the months ahead!

St. Gerard, pray for us!

Paul and Annie said...

Thank you so much, Mary!

I've been enjoying watching your business grow. My brother bought one of your missal covers and loves it. I also noticed your afghan in a recent blog give away. So exciting!!!

You really must come visit our farm sometime. It would be so nice to get to know each other better and I know you'd just hit it off great with my sisters, Peggy & Maria!

Thanks for your prayers!

Colleen said...

YIPPEE!!!!! I am so happy for you two, or three :)

I hope you feel better soon. My morning sickness always lasted from weeks 6-12, and it's the worst part of pregnancy for me. Seriously, if you can get through it, then you can give birth without drugs :)

My mom couldn't get pregnant again after she had my oldest brother, and they were about to adopt when she discovered she was! She swears it was because she had decided to adopt and had finally stopped worrying about it. Maybe the same thing happened to you when you got Lil Man?!?

Paul and Annie said...

Thanks Colleen! We are just so thrilled!

I do believe that God helped take away the stress of wanting to get pregnant when he gave us Lil' Man. It was also so much less taxing on both Paul and I to be out of the truck for more than a week, and we went to a Creighton Method Practitioner who really helped too. So many wonderful things that gave us this little one.

And we are so blessed to be able to look back at our struggle and see that God used it to allow us to open up to Lil' Man.

Please pray for us to have peace because we just learned that his dad may be taking him back in Jan., which just may break my heart, but God has his own plan.

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