Saturday, July 3, 2010

You, Me and the Baby Makes 3!

Well, dear friends, many have you have read my post over the past year about Paul and I struggling with being unable to get pregnant. We know that God will gives us a baby of our own in His time, but it has still been a very emotional and difficult road. It's always hard when you know that God has a perfect plan, but you really want a hint as to what that plan is, well, our Dear Lord has finally given us a hint!

For the next six months, Paul and I are blessed to have the opportunity to foster an angel whom we shall be refering to as Lil' Man!   Isn't he precious??? He's won't be two until autumn, but he is a big smart boy with

a lot to say.  We know that it will be hard to only have him directly in our lives for such a short time, but every minute with Lil'Man is a joy and a blessing. We know that God will bring us peace when we need it most! Paul and I are just so amazed by the miracle that this small child is.

We found out on the our wedding anniversary that he would be coming to live with us. It was such a gift to receive that news, because we were hoping I might be pregnant at the time and then discovered that I wasn't. In the end, God had given us an anniversary baby! He just came in a different (easier!) way!!!

Every day has been amazingly joyful, fun and exhausting! I love finding trails of Cheerios around the house and hearing my name called early in the morning. I love seeing him reach up out of his crib for either Paul or myself.

Every day I am discovering new ways that I am in awe of my husband and his natural paternal instincts. Ladies, I hate to brag, but I married a baby rockstar!!!! Lil' Man spends part of most days playing with a plastic screwdriver right next to Paul as he fixs all the many things on his Honey-do List. They are the cutest guys I've ever known!

I apologize for the gushing and the exclamation points, but this girl is walking on sunshine and it feels great! I am still walking the walk with my other sisters who haven't been able to get pregnant yet, but I feel more peace knowing that this is all part of God's plan.  I am hopeful God will give us another baby to love when he takes Lil' Man out of our life.  I am still  praying all the time for all the children who are alone and need love, for the parents who are struggling and for all of us who want a baby in our arms! As JPII said, "Be Not Afraid!" and I might add, because God answers all prayers!

I tried and tried, but could not flip this picture! I had to post it anyway.

God bless you, my friends! Thanks for letting me share my joy with you!


Colleen said...

Wow!!! That's so awesome!! Phil and I have discussed fostering children for years but you guys are actually doing it! Please write more about the whole process... I am so interested :)

Mary said...

That's really a very admirable thing to do - truly, God has the little boy in your life for a reason. It might just be the deciding factor to the success of his life and the salvation of his soul. I know you're great parents for him in this short time!

Have you considered making a pilgrimage to La Crosse's Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe with the intention of pregnancy? St. Gianna Beretta Molla's story prompts us to greater devotion to the Sacred Heart. Perhaps, with an increased devotion to His Heart and maybe the addition of a daily family consecration to His Heart (with a pilgrimage in the midst of it) God will accept your ultra-love and offering and bless you with a baby.

Could be a recipe for success! (And another reason to get back on the road again!) :)

This Blue Wing said...

Aw thats so exciting! he looks like such a sweet little guy, have fun!

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