Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A Rose By Any Other Name...

I woke up at 6:30am in the little town of Ludlow, VT. I could see large, melting patches of snow on distant ski slopes. We drove through one quaint, sleepy town after another. Each village was cuter than the last. The beautiful New England shops were still closed. Smoke plumed out of hundred year old chimneys above clapboard homes. Teeny, tiny little cafes and diners had parking lots full of cars with Green Mountain license plates. A cup of blueberry Green Mountain coffee and a chocolate & sprinkles covered donut and our day is off to a great start. I love traveling!

We made our way to Albany and then into New Jersey where Paul saw a sign for Manville, NJ. He proceeded to puff out his chest and, with an exageratedly deep voice, pronouced that we should live there- it is only fitting! {smile/sigh}

I saw my first lilac bush of the season covered in abundant purple spires! Spring REALLY IS here, friends! Hallelujiah!!!

Driving through the mountains is making Paul and I daydream and discuss our future plans of working at or owning our own Catholic summer camp and retreat center. I pulled out an old notebook and once again began scribbling down ideas for what our "Dream Camp" would include. Any suggestions? Babysitting services so that parents can relive some of their favorite camp memories, perhaps??? LOL :D Consider it on the list!

My little brother and one of his friends drove up to the Smoky Mountains yesterday to pick up Paul's new motorcycle from the dealership. They are taking it on a "test trip" for us by driving it into Smoky Mtn National Park and camping for a few days. Paul is slightly jealous that my brother gets to drive the bike and take it camping before Paul!

We have always named our cars and boats, so we have decided to name our new motorcycle as well. All of Paul's cars and trucks had girls names and my family usually goes for silly or male names for our vehicles. Paul says he has to ride the bike and "get a feel for it" before naming it, but I am the OCD planner who has to have list of possibilities, soooo I thought I would share some of my thoughts and see if anyone likes them or has any better ideas. Here it goes:

- Baby Jane
- Jasper
- Miss B Haven
- Miss Chevious
- Out on a Whim (or Whim/Whimsy for short)
- Firefly Chaser
- Wild Honey
- Uppa Creek
- Ginger Snap
- Hootin' Annie
- Stormy
- Cassidy
- Finnegan, Murphy, Donovan or O'Malley (can you tell we're Irish?)
- Galahad
- Houdini (now ya see 'um, now ya don't!)
- Nomad
- Rodeo
- Smooth Sailing

Whoooaaa!!!! I thinking I'm going a bit overboard, huh??? Anyhoo- I'd love to hear what people think!

The sky is blue and without a single cloud. Get out and enjoy it, if you can! God bless!


KK said...

I think "Wild Honey" would be perfect...after a test drive of course!!

Sarah said...

I like Rodeo. Or anything with the word fire in it.

Paul and Annie said...

:D Fun! Paul's leaning toward calling it Finnegan's Ride (vs the irish song "finnegan's wake") and Finn for short but we were also discussing something that has to do with cherries since I LOVE cherries...Cherry Bomb, Sweet Chariot and call it Cherry for short. Of course, it IS gray so I'm not sure how appropriate that would be. I like Wild Honey and Rodeo- guess it depends on if its a "smooth" or "bumpy" ride! LOL!

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