Monday, December 21, 2009

Lucayan National Park

I, being the dork I am, researched Grand Bahama Island a lot before our trip. I had read about the amazing underwater tunnels that you can access from Lucayan National Park and knew that we had to visit there.

There are over six miles of charted tunnels and caverns. They know that there is much more to the underwater system, but it is still uncharted. You can take scuba diving trips to explore the underwater world. How cool would that be???

No bats were there when we visited. Yet another reason to visit Grand Bahama Island in December!

The rickety walkways surrounded by lush vegitation made me feel as though we were in Swiss Family Robinson. Paul and I dream of having a treehouse like theirs someday. :)

Can you see the sunlight filtering through the blue-green water? There were soooo many fish in the cave! The fresh water floats over the salt water layer. It is amazing.

I wanted to be a marine biologist when I was growing up. That or a mermaid! As a kid, one of my friends heard that the St. Joseph novena ALWAYS works, so she said it and asked that St. Joseph would intercede that she became a mermaid. She and St. Joseph weren't on the best of terms for a little while after that! : D

Maybe, being an Island Princess would be a little more attainable, hhhmmm???

Here fishy, fishy, fishy... Paul tried to feed the fish banana chips!

I once saw a PINK fish this big...!

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