Friday, June 12, 2009

Coconut Induced Island Escape

I have something of a coconut obsession. I love the smell of tropical suntan lotion, moisturizer, Bath and Body Works Coconut Lime body spray, Yankee Candle Co.'s Coconut Bay Car Jar and pretty much anything else with coconut. There can be a gray chill in the air, but as soon as I enhale a whiff of the tropical fragrance my shoulders relax, my body releases all its tension and my mind goes back to memories of summer days at the beach, Paul and my honeymoon in the Bahamas, going out for drinks with the girls (how long has it been since that last happened...) or even just the warm blue sky.

I love cooking with coconut. After weeks on the road, the days we spend at our house are better than any exotic vacation. But I do enjoy making those days a little more special by creating meals that "take us away". Since we have so little time at home, I also tend to be a little lazy about cooking, so I cheat by buying several ready-to-cook items and adding a few things from scratch. Paul strings lights in our front yard and puts the breakfast table under them so we can eat and watch the sunset. Cheap, easy, Perfect!

I love the grilled tilapia with chipolte and lime that is sold at WalMart Super Centers. I don't like fish normally, but this is fabulous! The chipolte and lime flavors just burst on your tongue. I serve it with chilled pineapple chunks, a salad of spinich, strawberries and almonds, and my favorite homemade coconut rice. White wine, sangria, or margaritas make the meal extra special.

After dinner, if my hubby isn't too tired, I pull out coconut lotion and he gives me a foot massage that leaves me floating on Cloud 9. It is the little extra thing that make the ordinary so extraordinary.

So, for those who wonder what I do all day while riding in the truck, now you know that at least some of my time is spent day dreaming of being home, cooking special meals for my husband and stopping to "smell the coconuts". Find something that helps you relax and escape, even if its only for a few minutes today. Pick wild flowers for your table, spritz on some perfume "just because",
light a candle where you are working...just enjoy something lovely!

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